Guess who’s selling tickets for the theatre tonight B)

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where is iowa anyway


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You make a great creepy teacher, Ryan. (x)
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when my mom saw cheap houses for sale in a small town in california she’s like “you can go to school here it looks nice!!” and i’m like “but they probably dont have a good theatre program like at my school” and she said “yeah but you can play softball or something!!!” its like mom i’ve never expressed an interest in softball what the fuck

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Anon wanted to see all my Kennedy things!!! I also have America’s Queen by Sarah Bradford and a campaign poster of JFK, but they aren’t pictured

In the bunch, I have: a painting my sister did, Killing Kennedy, Rose Kennedy’s Family Album, Jackie’s audio tapes from 1964, The Kennedy Women, Camelot’s Court, An Unfinished Life, The Kennedy Curse, Jackie Ethel Joan, two magazines, a copy of JFK’s inaugural address, 4 documentaries, several letters to Jackie or JFK from other leaders, 20+ photos of the family, copies of letters written from JFK, a small book of quotes, and the movie JFK!!

I feel like I’m missing something but here you go anon!!

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make this my official white house portrait

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achievement hunter intro lindsay tuggey
professional cat lady; “meow meow, bitch.”

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that person you just called a nerd? they are a giant nerd. you made a good call on that one

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Wearing hoodies to bed is the best thing to do to yourself

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Only two more days of school then con time and the best part is tomorrow we have kindergarten so after school will be perf B)

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